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3 Fun Language Learning Activities to Try

Learning a new language can open doors of opportunities for you, personally and professionally. Gone are the days of boring, strict languages classes; we’re in a time where learning is more interactive, engaging, and effective. Here are some fun language activities to help boost your learning:

Read the Headlines:

If you’re someone who likes checking up on the news before heading to work or during the day, turn this routine into a fun activity. Go to the news site in the language you’re learning and try to read and understand all the headlines. While you’re doing this, pick out two words or phrases that you want to remember and record this in your memos. Next, make a sentence using that word, so you remember the right application as well.

It should look like something like this…

A new phrase I read:

Sentence the phrase was used in:

New sentence with the phrase:

At the end of the day, go through these notes and look back at them whenever needed.

Translate the Billboards on the Way

If you’re on your way to work/school/college or even running errands, you’ll probably come across different billboards of posters on the way. Read every poster you see and try to translate it into the language you’re learning. Make sure to stay it aloud so that you’re pronouncing the words correctly. This is a fun and easy activity that will make your stroll around the area more meaningful and productive.

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Listen to a Song

Add some new songs to your Spotify playlist in the language you’re learning. You’ll find tons online and in the particular genre you like. We recommend sticking to slow-paced ones, where the words are clear and not jumping to rap songs. Listen to these songs repeatedly and try to learn the lyrics. This will help you improve your language speaking pace and teach you new words along the way. If you do face any difficulties, reach out to your language instructor, they’ll surely help.

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