Ciao Languages Privacy & Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Ciao Languages LLC collects the information of its students for the purpose of course payment, participation in online courses and for keeping present and past students informed about the services offered by Ciao Languages LLC. Ciao Language LLC students past or present may ask for the cancellation of their data unless necessary for tracking of payments or for standard bookkeeping.

Ciao Languages does not sell student data to third parties, though may need to communicate email addresses to third parties in order for students to have access to digital or paper-based language learning materials.

Ciao Languages LLC may send to its current and past patrons promotional emails or mail intended to keep the public apprised of additional services offered, future promotions or important company news. Patrons are free to opt-out of these communications by clicking on the unsubscribe button included in all of Ciao Languages LLC’s emails, by signaling their wish to do so via email ( or via phone 1-949-478- 1786.

Online lessons are held on the platform Zoom and Ciao Languages LLC cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by loss of data, hacking, viruses or other adverse events arising from or caused by Zoom. Similarly, Ciao Languages also uses other third-party software systems for the management of its courses, payments, invoicing and student records and cannot be held liable for any damages caused by loss of data, hacking, viruses or other adverse events arising from these systems’ malfunctions.

It is not allowed for students or other individuals off-screen to make video or audio recordings of any Ciao Languages LLC lesson, nor is it allowed to copy, distribute or otherwise cause to have by third parties Ciao Languages LLC’s proprietary language learning material.

At Ciao Languages LLC’s discretion some recordings may be made of lessons for the purpose of quality control and not for publicity purposes.

Children ages 13 and under may be attended by an on-screen parent, as may be necessary for assisting them in participating more fully in the lesson.

Terms of Service

  • All course payments are final and non-refundable unless Ciao Languages LLC is not able to guarantee course delivery on days, dates and times as promised.
  • Students may not ask for reimbursment for course fees if they decide to stop attending the course.
  • Student fees may be transferred to a third party who is not currently or has not been in the past a student with Ciao Languages LLC. Course credit must be transferred after 30 days and are valid for 60 days once transferred.
  • Participation in group online language courses takes place via Zoom meetings, which follow the times, days and dates specified in the course description and the school will not be held responsible for students’ inability to attend the lesson because of problems with their internet connection, computer malfunctions or sudden changes in personal plans.
  • Ciao Languages is not obliged to supply free additional make-up lessons to students who for whatever reason have not been able to attend a scheduled group lesson.
  • In cases in which Ciao Languages LLC is not able to guarantee the regular execution of a purchased course arising from its inability to find an instructor or to reach the minimum number of participants, enrollees will be reimbursed the full amount paid, including the initial deposit.
  • Individual lesson packages will be planned in agreement with the enrollee and online language instructor and need not necessarily follow a fixed calendar. Lessons may be cancelled without forfeiting the time reserved provided that student cancels the lessons 24 hours beforehand. Communication of variations may take place either via email at or via telephone/voicemail at ‪(949) 478-1786
  • Group and individual course participants will receive instructions via email on how to access their online lessons. It is important that enrollees insert a correct email that they check regularly, as Ciao Languages LLC cannot be held responsible for emails that are sent but not received, or received but not noticed by the participant because the email was received in a folder other than the main one, e.g., spam, promotions, etc.