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What do you need to work on most during your lessons?

The English Level System

Just like with any activity, there are different levels of “being good” at something. To make your life easier, we have broken the English language down into various levels of proficiency. At each step, there are grammatical structures and vocabulary items to be learned. In this way, it’s always clear what you need to know and what you will need to do.

Think of the level as “CAN-DO” statements. As you progress through the levels you “CAN DO” more and more things with the language.

Level A1 – Beginner

A1 – Once you have completed this level, you will be able to engage in a very basic conversation, say where you are from, describe your home and family, and talk about what you do in your free time.

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Level A2 – Elementary

A2 – You have a general idea of how the tenses work and can now have some basic conversation. You are able to say what you will do and have done, compare objects, people and experiences. You can give more detail about your preferences.

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Level B1 – Pre-Intermediate

B1 – At this level you are able to formulate your opinions and to justify them with explanations. You no longer have much difficulty in shifting back and forth between tenses. You are fairly autonomous with the language, not just able to “get by”, but to strike up conversations and interact with people naturally.

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Level B2 – Upper Intermediate

B2 – Your Italian is becoming more sophisticated and you are able to use a wider range of vocabulary to describe your emotions, feelings, opinions and preferences. You make hypothetical statements about the past and future and discuss advantages and disadvantages of a choice.

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Level C1 – Advanced

C1 –  This is the level where you begin to deepen your knowledge of Italian culture and gain a greater understanding of cultural references in conversation. Your knowledge of Italian begins to extend to implicit understanding of concepts and you are able to adapt your way of speaking to informal and formal situations.

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Level C2 – Mastery

C2 – This level is known as the “Mastery” or “Proficiency” level because it is where you become so knowledgeable about the Italian language that you are able to deal with any situation that might arise. You are able to make a joke, quote a proverb, or make an elliptical remark. Congratulations – you speak Italian!

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Live English Classes We Offer

Live individual lessons

With individual English Zoom lessons, you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You are free to organize the lessons in accordance with your busy schedule. Individualized attention means you learn faster.

Live Group Lessons

Our live group English lessons follow a fixed schedule and enable you to benefit from learning from classmates of the same level. You’ll meet new and interesting people and explore your love of the English language together.

Live Corporate Courses

We work with HR to train your employees in the language and cultural skills they will need to make your company successful on the world market. Our timely tracking and reporting system allows you to monitor progress.

Live Kids’ Lessons

You will envy the ability of your children to quickly learn new Engish words. Children’s lessons are structured with an eye to the developing mind and to making the environment a fun and productive one.

The Ciao Languages Difference

English Native Speakers

All of our English teachers are native speakers of English and experienced online English language tutors. Accordingly, you will only interact with experienced, knowledgeable instructors who are willing to put in the extra effort to make sure you learn how to interact in English.

Mango Languages Application

Mango Languages is an award-winning language learning application that will allow you to practice in your free time. The coordination of Ciao Languages lessons with this on-line software also allows the student to progress on their own as quickly as they wish in between the live tutoring sessions.

Learning Resource Center

In our Learning Resource Center, you will have the chance to review all of the concepts covered during your live lessons. Review concepts that came up by reading the teacher’s lesson notes, gain mastery of grammar concepts by going over the teacher slide decks and if you can’t remember something from a live lesson, rewatch the recordings of your live lessons as many times as you like!

FAQs about Ciao Languages

Why do your students learn English?

English is without a doubt the most useful language to learn for anyone hoping to succeed in their career, explore the world of culture, art and science, appreciate the latest works of theater, cinema or television, or even simply surf the Internet.

English has the virtue of being a fairly easy language to learn, with little in the way of verb conjugations or noun declensions. It syntax and sentence structure are simple and English learners are usually refreshed by the absence of genders. Finally, English is common that opportunities to practice it abound.

But, but, but….English can also be a bit trying, too, right? Many words aren’t pronounced the way they are written, so learns often go crazy trying to understand the logic of English spelling. Since English has been influenced by so many different languages, it often many different words for the same concept and learners often have difficulty knowing which word to use.

Is English difficult to learn?

In some ways it’s easy to learn and in other ways it isn’t.

On the one hand, it’s such a common language that you have a lot of opportunities to practice it. Most of the popular music we listen to is composed directly in English, as are the most popular TV shows, movies, musicals, books and so on. It is commonly used as a lingua franca by speakers of other languages doing business or traveling, so even if you don’t speak French or German, you’ll have no problem getting by in Berlin or Paris.

However, to speak it well is incredibly challenging. Lots of people get by in English, but few, unfortunately thrive in English. Many go through their daily lives speaking English without any knowledge of how phrasal verbs work or how to express themselves with any number of important idiomatic expressions. Still others struggle with pronunciation problems because their “strong foreign accent” makes it difficult for them to be understood, for them to get their point across quicky in a meeting or on the phone.

These are problems, fortunately, that can be solved with the help of a good teacher and a good language school.

What do you mean by “live English lesson”?

It’s important to be clear about this! Ciao Languages does not offer “online lessons,” where you go and consult a bunch of exercises on your phone or watch pre-recorded videos.Red live neon sign vector Free Vector

All of our English Zoom lessons are “live”, i.e., held by a native speaker of English who interacts with you directly.

The advantage is that you the student get immediate feedback on your pronunciation and on what it’s like to have an actual conversation in English.

You may learn a bit of grammar from an application like Babbel or Duolingo, but those systems do not really give you a sense of what it’s like to speak to a native in the language.

What do you mean by “native speaking teacher”?

At Ciao Languages, we believe it’s important to interact with people who grew up speaking the language you are learning.

By “native speaking teacher,” we mean someone who was born and raised in an English-speaking country, was educated there and has spent of deal of their lives thinking, understanding and speaking English.

Undoubtedly, there are people who speak English really well, and who are really good teachers, but at Ciao Langauges we want you the student to have the chance to have authentic interactions with a live English tutor who will give you the authentic experience of speaking and communicating in English.

Our live English tutors are from all over the English-speaking world. From London, Los Angeles, El Paso and Cape Town – you’ll come into contact with a full range of regional accents and outlooks on life. Your language lesson will be more than a conversation with a native speaker, but an authentic cultural experience.

What is the Ciao Languages approach?

The Ciao Languages approach is a system of best practices, techniques and attitudes that the owner and Ciao Languages Founder and CEO Sean Cook has molded into a unique and effective teaching method. His experiences as a learner of Italian and French, as the owner of a language school and as a teacher trainer have informed his method, which is based on empathy, encouragement and student engagement.

By designing lessons with the specific needs of online Zoom lessons in mind, Ciao Languages makes the virtual lesson a live human experience.

The lesson slide decks that are used by the teacher contain explanations, as well as exercises and speaking practice activities that enable the student to immediately put new language into use.

At Ciao Languages teachers are trained to strike a balance between the need for the student to be accurate and to become fluent in the language they are learning.

We also firmly believe in making students feel as comfortable as possible during our lessons so that they can feel free to experiment with English and to engage in authentic communication with their English tutor.

What’s included in the Ciao Languages Package?

What’s included?

  • Live Zoom lessons with a native speaking English tutor
  • Access to the recordings of all of your English Zoom lessons
  • Access to the Ciao Languages Student Resource Center
  • Access to the Mango Languages application
But…but…but…Do I have to study?

It would be dishonest of us to say otherwise, so YES, you need to study.

Think of it this way. Can you become good at playing the piano if you don’t practice every week? Can you lose weight without following a diet and/or an exercise regimen? Can you grow the muscles in your arm without lifting some weights or doing some push-ups?

But then again, when you start learning a language, there are just a few things to learn, so the amount of time you study is relatively little, maybe even about ten or fifteen minutes a day.

Our experience has been this, though: Students start studying English and then get really into it and somehow find the time to study a lot. Rome was not built in a day, though. So, just get started and with time, you’ll find yourself studying joyfully and willingly, with results commensurate with your efforts.

And we will be there to cheer you on!

We’ll cheer you for your successes when you have a break-through.

We’ll give you the encouragement you need when you are getting frustrated. When you’re feeling frustrated, by the way, is usually what you feel just before a break-through – so be patient with yourself!

We’re in it together with you!

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What do you need to work on most during your lessons?

Stuff Our Students Say About Us

The course on French I have started recently with a delightful tutor in Portugal on Zoom, has made me enthusiastic to go the whole way. I have started with 20 lessons twice a week and the price is reasonable and the learning steep. I have had technical glitches but am not very techie myself, and the help from Sean has been impressive and effective. I feel vey fortunate to have a personal relationship with the school, it is a rare experience and a rewarding aspect.


Student of French

Ciao Languages is a fantastic way to learn a language. My teacher Jessica makes learning Italian fun. She is very patient and gives free outside sources to help you learn the language. Sean and Jessica both respond to any questions you may have immediately. Having taken other language courses in Italian before, they are absolutely the best. They make learning fun. I highly recommend them for any language you want to learn.

Melanie B.

Student of Italian

Learning French through Ciao Languages has been a fantastic experience. Sean, the owner, is always responsive to any questions or concerns. Enrollment is simple and the logon procedure is easy to navigate. I elected to take private French lessons because it is more convenient with my schedule; I like the flexibility to schedule lessons month to month and my teacher, Evelyne, is always accommodating if I need to switch days occasionally. Evelyne is wonderful! I studied Spanish and Italian many years ago and Evelyne is the best language teacher I have had. She is always encouraging and makes every lesson fun and interesting. I sometimes get frustrated if I feel I am progressing too slowly, but she constantly reminds me that learning a new language takes time and to be patient with myself. I have always wanted to learn French and Ciao Languages has given me an exciting learning adventure from the comfort of my home. Linda C.

Linda C.

Student of French

Ciao Languages is a top notch A+ language learning organization. They are very helpful with any of my questions and concerns. The lessons are fun and they hone in on any areas I am having difficulty with. It is very personalized and a great bargain if you are needing to learn a language for fun, travel, school or keeping the mind engaged and active.

Pamela O.

Italian student

Quick to respond. Very clear about offerings. I am happy with the language tutor he recommended. And it is affordable.

Christine M.

Student of German

“Ciao Languages is the best language learning program I have used. I have been using it very successfully for over four months, and because of it, I have had dramatic breakthroughs in fluency and comprehension. It has greatly increased my ability to speak with less and less hesitation, to be more easily understood, and to better understand what is being said to me. Based on this recent progress, I believe Ciao Languages to be the most effective program of the many I have tried over the six years that I have been studying French. Its efficient combination of language tools sets the stage for the student to learn and immediately reinforce newly acquired vocabulary, grammar, and syntax with the help of a live native speaking instructor. The coordination of the course material with the on-line software also allows the student to progress on their own as quickly as they wish in between the live tutoring sessions.”


Student of French