Give your child the gift of a foreign language!

WASC Accredited

Fully accredited by WASC logoOur full accreditation by WASC, the esteemed Western Association of Schools and Colleges, is further proof of our dedication to delivering the highest standard of language education. Join us today for an unparalleled language learning experience.

Teaching Method

We recognize the central role of the trained language instructor in holding an effective live foreign language lessons.
All of our language learning materials have been designed with an eye to creating a streamlined experience so that the language learner can dedicate time to practicing and exploring new chunks of language with her instructor. Motivation is essential to long-term learning and our teachers foster it by encouraging all attempts at learning.

Learning Resource Center

In our Learning Resource Center, you will have the chance to review all of the concepts covered during your live lessons. By having access to files of the teacher’s whiteboard notes, the teacher slide decks, as well as a wealth of extra digital exerceises, you’ll gain mastery of the building blocks of the foreign language you are studying.

Furthermore, even if you are unable to remember something from a live lesson, or are uncertain about how a word is pronounced, you’ll be able to rewatch the recording of your live lessons as many times as you like.

Native Speaking Teachers

All of our language teachers are native speakers and experienced online foreign language tutors. Accordingly, you will only interact with experienced, knowledgeable instructors who are willing to put in the extra effort to make sure you learn how to interact in the language you are learning.


Who are these lessons for?

Our lessons are wonderful for homeschooling families, charter school students, or public and private school students looking for independent or supplemental instruction.

What types of lessons do you offer?

We offer individual lessons that may be taken once or twice a week, according to the needs of the child. The length of the lesson will depend on the age and needs of the child and the number of lessons will vary in accordance with lesson length.

Group lessons are also offered and may be started in three different times of the year: The week of October 23, January 8, and/or March 18. Children may do as many or as few terms as desired, even all three consecutively. Each term lasts 10 weeks and includes 20 lessons. All group lessons have up to 5 students at a time in them and divided by age groups: 6-10 or 11+.

What are my payment options?

Families may pay out of pocket, with a purchase order from an affiliated charter school, or with a combination of the two.

With which charter schools is Ciao Languages currently an approved vendor?

Innovations Learning Academy, EPIC Charter School, Blue Ridge Academy, Granite Mountain Charter School, The Cottonwood School, and Best Academy (Brookfield Engineering Science Technology Academy).

Are Ciao Language programs religious?

Our programs offered to charter school students are non-sectarian (non-religious).


Young woman lying on bed studying and taking notes in front of her computer.