What will I learn?

It does take a while to learn a language, but in ten hours, you’ll learn:

  • the basics of the Italian sound system
  • numbers
  • greetings / leave taking
  • giving basic descriptions of a city
  • basic conjugation patters of stare and essere

For more details, please check out this file that we prepared for you! It has all of the information you need to access the Ciao Languages Learning Portal.

How much Italian do you know? Take our test!

Why me?

Buon compleanno, Felicia!

Why you?!

First of all, because you are super awesome and you deserve this!

Then, there’s this bell’uomo – some guy by the name of Ivan – who decided to contact us about purchasing a 10-hour package of individual lessons for you because you have always loved italiano.

Ivan seemed simpatico to us and so we agreed to help him out.

Furthermore, at Ciao Languages it is official company policy to promote amore between marito e moglie as much as possible.


How does it all work?

Ciao Languages is an online foreign language school that specializes in offering high quality language lessons with native speaking teachers. There is a lot to be learned from learning applications and different web sites, but it really helps to practice communicating with an actual speaker of the language.

You have a 10-hour package of individual lessons with one of these experienced professionals.

Typically a student who wants to learn this way does one or two one-hour sessions of Italian per week. Either solution is fine, but if we could make a suggestion, twice a week is great and enables you to make progress a bit faster.

The cool thing about individual lessons is that if you need to cancel an appointment or move things around a bit, that’s fine. All we need is 24h notice.

To set up your first lesson, just give a call or text us at (949) 478 – 1786 and we’ll help you set up a schedule.

Buon compleanno, Felicia! Ci vediamo presto!