French Language Classes in Orange County, California

Complimentary French Level Test

We offer a variety of solutions, everything from online private lessons, semi-private lessons or group lessons. We are able to accomodate all levels – from beginning French to advanced learners in need of conversation practice. 

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All of our instructors are native speaking French teachers with previous teaching exIperience and who use Ciao Languages custom-made language instruction material.

There are tons of “quick-fix” solutions for learning the French language, but unfortunately they are not as effective as learning in a class with experienced native speaking French teachers!

We cater to all age groups and offer French language classes for adults, teens and children alike.

Learning French can be easy if you have the right school, the right method and the right teacher! We have all three.

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Group French lessons for you in Orange County, California

Group courses are an excellent way to learn a foreign language, as the best things we do in life are the ones we do together with other people. You and your classmates will encourage each other and celebrate each other’s progress on your journey toward mastery of the French language. You can decide what kind of course you like to take: once a week or twice a week. Our group courses are usually online.

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Private French lessons for you in Orange County, California

Individual lessons
Individual lessons with Ciao Languages

Taking individual lessons allows you to tailor your education to your needs. Maybe you have a busy schedule and need to plan each lesson day by day. Maybe you have an emergency, such as a test or a job interview and you need to speed things up. Or maybe you just want to learn things “your way”. Most of our lessons are online, but if we can accomodate you, we can do them in person, too!

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Semi-individual French lessons for you in Orange County, California

Maybe you and a friend would like to study together and you don’t want to be in a group with other people. The semi-individual solution allows you to study with your “study-buddy” and have the flexibility of individual lessons.

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Corporate French courses

Businesses located the Orange County area are among the most intrepid and enterprising in the United States, often expanding operations overseas or going into markets where foreign languages such as as French are necessary for their employees to thrive and achieve their company’s goals. Wherever your company goes, Ciao Languages is there to assist you in your transition, providing high-quality language training that meets the exacting standards of your corporation.

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  • Beacause French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world!
  • Some students study it for the AP French test.
  • A recent trend is for professionals to retire in France or to divide their time between the United States and France. While staying in France, they need French in order to get along with their lives and cultivate friendships with their French neighbors.

  • In order to become a French citizen, you have to demonstrate a B1 level of French, the so-called “Citizenship” required by the French government.
  • French universities are a lot less expensive than their American counterparts, so many young people are applying to French institutions, some of which are the best in their fields both in France and internationally.
  • Some students would simply like to reconnect with their French heritage. As we get older, we feel the need to reconnect with parts of us that have gotten lost in the shuffle of the generations.
  • Students sometimes get a job with an French company and need to learn the language in order to advance in their careers.
  • People are fascianted by French culture – its cinema, cuisine, wine, art, music, its wonderful people – and they want to understand it better. In fact, language learning and knowledge of a culture often go hand in hand, building upon each other and creating a virtuous cycle.
  • French is spoken by approximately 75 million native speakers, but it is also recognized as an official language in 29 different countries, making it spoken as a first or second language by rougly 250 million people.
  • French had a huge influence in the development of the English language. To learn French is to learn more about English.
  • Some of the best literary and philosophical masterpieces were written in French. By studying this language, you will have the opportunity to appreciate them in their original language.Complimentary French Level Test
  • French is one of the official languages of the European Union, Nato, as well as of a long list of inter-governmental agencies and NGO’s, making it incredibly useful for anyone seeking employment with these entities.
  • Let’s not forget the most important reason for learning French: You simply love the language! Let that be enough!


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