Merry Christmas, Brian!

How does it all work?

Ciao Brian,

I am just writing to give you some information about the Italian course you have signed up for, which you will begin Wednesday January 10 at 9AM Pacific.  The course will meet every week at this day / time for the next seven consecutive weeks, finishing on February 21. Once the term is finished, you will automatically be enrolled in the next term, though payment is not automatically debited (so no need to cancel subscriptions).

Your teacher Virginia, who is a native speaker of Italian, will be waiting for you!

If you have in the meantime changed your mind about taking the course, no problem, but please just write me an email letting me know.

I wish you the best on your journey to linguistic proficiency and would value any opportunity for questions or feedback.

Happy studies!


Complete Welcome Letter

Why me?

Buon Natale, Brian!

Why you? First of all, because you are super awesome and you deserve this!

Then, there are some really nice people in your family who love you. Together, they decided to contact us about purchasing a 7-week group course of Italian.

They seemed simpatico to us and so we agreed to help them out.

Furthermore, at Ciao Languages it is official company policy to promote i valori della famiglia!